Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney day 3 (flying on our own)

Still can't load pictures here:( But Jim and I took the kids to the Hollywood studios by ourselves today!!! Scary:) We got a lot of strange looks, usually I don't notice but I noticed today. We got to talk about adoption a lot, which I love! Having a big family gives us a great opportunity to share and encourage other families who are thinking of doing the same thing. I love it, it's fun!

We started the day, sleeping in. We needed it! G is doing wonderful in the park but is really trying to control us at night. She was up 2 hours screaming in the van last night. I'll try to post about it next week. Then we headed over to the Grand Floridian for a character breakfast and buffet. The kids got to meet Mary Poppins, Pooh, Tigger, the mad hatter (not a big hit), Alice in wonderland. G did amazing, even hugging a couple of them! Audrey and luke were totally freaked out! But I taught them to cover their eyes and the characters know not to get too close. Emma and Caleb and Seth loved it!

After breakfast Jim, the kids and I went to Hollywood studios and the Grands went to Epcot. It was a lot to manage but I have to brag on our kids...they did incredible!!!!! They were amazing! We didn't have a single break down or fit. They listened great and no one fell apart when they weren't able to do what they wanted to do. I was really impressed with them! We saw some preschool shows, then they did the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Then we watched the parade, which was great! After that we went to watch an Ariel show and had to sit and wait for about 30 min. I couldn't believe how well they all behaved while we were waiting. None of them had had a nap! They sat and decided on their own to do some strong sitting I couldn't believe it! People were looking at us like we drug them. I think I could hear other Mom's cursing me under their breath! (If only they could see us at night they wouldn't feel so bad)

We headed home and ate and had our first bath in probably a week! Swimming should count for something right??? And in case you guys are thinking I'm super mom or something I realized tonight that I had brought all the kids new toothbrushes for our trip. I had to open Emma's tonight! GROSS!!!!

Tomorrow we are still unsure what we are doing. Caleb and Jim are going back to Hollywood for Star Wars mania. We are really hoping that Caleb will be picked for their jedi training camp and get to maybe fight darth vader!!! Can you imagine?! The rest of us are either going with them or hanging by the pool and taking naps tomorrow. I bet you can't guess what my vote is? AND my mom is taking my Grandma and I to get a massage. I am so hoping they have one of those tables with the hole in it for a pregnant momma's belly. Oh how I'd love to sleep on my belly right now!!!

I have to leave you with 2 random, funny and slightly embarrassing things my kids said today:

1. I had to explain to G what varicose veins were after she loudly asked why "some women have purple skin" on the bus, about 3 inches from purple skin woman.

2. At the character breakfast they had a midget or small person, whichever is PC, security guard and one of the kids asked my Mom in a rather loud voice what character was he?!

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Loria said...

That little person was just asking for trouble! Lol