Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney day 2

Still having problems with uploading pictures.

Yesterday we went to Animal kingdom, it started downpouring right away! The kids were awesome and real patient. When it finally let up we went to the pangi forest exp trail. Then we ate at the Tusker house (yumm). Then we went to the Kilimanjaro Safari, which was AWESOME!!!!!!! Then we went to dino land and rode the triceratop spin and played in the boneyard.

Then while we were waiting on the bus to take us home, Seth, our reluctant walker decided to walk in front of about 50 cheering fans! I think he will be our attention hog! He is now walking all over the hotel room.

Next we headed home and Jim and I got ready for our date night. We ate at Cape May Cafe, all you can eat seafood buffet. It. was. awesome. Maybe the best meal I have ever eaten!!!! Complete with oreo bon bons!!!! Yummm

In 5 min we are headed to the Grand Floridian for breakfast and then Jim, the kids and I are going to Hollywood studios and the Grand people are going to Epcot.

Miss you all and hope to give you a ton of pictures soon!

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Ivy said...

Wow! Sounds like a full day. I pray that you'll have more happy moments then sad ones while you are there.
Love ya, Ivy