Monday, June 6, 2011

A Caleb production

When I was thinking of starting a blog I was afraid I wouldn't have enough stuff to write about. That doest't seem to be a problem around here. The kids keep it interesting. Caleb and Jim went to Hollywood studios and Caleb saw a lot of shows that explained how movies were made (Indiana Jones and Lights, motor, action). So he has been putting what he learned to work.

When we got home from VBS today, I started working on lunches and noticed it was very quiet around the house. Sends chills down even the most laid back Mom's spine! When I called them for lunch they all came and announced they wanted to invite me to a show after lunch.

Luckily I grabbed my phone so you get to enjoy it too! (I promise I will start using my real camera again, until then sorry about the blur)

sign on the door
"no flash photography"

the stage (cushions) and the stadium (bed and pillows)

the audience
(few but proud)

1st act

1st act minus Emma

2nd act
(she complained to the producer and got her own show)

diva in training?

the big number
(Audg is singing her heart out)

3rd act

enthusiastic audience

the backstage after party

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The Carscaddons said...

That is awesome! Very impressive Caleb and crew! I love that they thought of everything down to posting a no flash photography sign and the after party!