Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WIWW first time

Before I started this blog, I didn't even read blogs. Well except for the pioneer woman. But now I can't get enough of them! It's like having a friend that doesn't get annoyed with you for having to put them down every 5 sec to wipe a nose, or a boo boo or a bottom (you get the picture).

There is something in the blogging world called WIWW (what I wore Wednesday). Women (usually stay at home mom's) take pictures of what they wore through out the week and post on their blog. This is to keep you out of your sweats (see Wed picture- happens to be the day I read this for the first time:) and get you into something that makes you feel good about yourself. For me it was a gift to my husband, not that he minds sweats...

I learned some things doing this 1. I NEED more shoes 2. I NEED more accessories (maybe this isn't the gift my husband wants:) 3. self portraits are impossible!!!

Wednesday- (the day I first read about this...how ironic!)
capri sweatpants- target
red tank- target
hoodie- jcrew

Thursday- costco day
jeans- abercrombie
tank- old navy maternity

Friday- art day
dress- motherhood maternity
didn't last 2 hours and had to change...

into this
skirt- target
tee- mimi maternity
necklace- ann taylor loft

Saturday- day at the park
t-shirt and shorts

Sunday- church, therapy, 5 Guys
Shirt- mimi maternity (borrowed)
pants- mimi maternity
(yes that is underwear on Luke's head)

Now this girl has some style!
Next week it will be What My Kids Wore Wed!

Monday- that was yesterday and I have no idea what I did
shirt- gap maternity
leggings- motherhood
necklace- tiffany's (gift from my kiddos)

Tuesday- dentist, grocery store
shirt- gap maternity
jeans- abercrombie

So that's it. As painful as it was for me to take pictures of myself for 7 days straight, it helped me realize how often I tend to bum out. I WILL do better.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute family! So glad you joined the link up today.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Found you via the What I Wore linky--I'm thrilled to find all these stylish mamas still making an effort to show some flair. Agreed--self portraits are tough. I always borrow a friend. If you want to see my shot check out:


Cassi said...

Welcome aboard. I so related to your comments on blog friends. Self pics are hard. I make my husband take pictures of me, I gave up on the self ones.

Beth said...

Thanks guys. It was fun! Nicole I love your boots!!!

Katie said...

Visiting from WIWW ~ you look great! Love the grey GAP maternity top. And your kids are precious!