Monday, May 2, 2011

What does Bin Laden have to do with adoption?

"Those that oppose the Lord will be shattered. He will thunder against them from Heaven; the Lord will judge the ends of the earth."
1 Samuel 2;10
I never intended this to be a political blog, I still don't. But I couldn't help but share with you why Bin Laden reminds me of our adoption. (ya'll don't get too overly analytical on me...I realize this is flawed)

The past 2 years God has shown us that He wanted us to wait on Him. There is a season for everything. I do believe there is a time to fight and a time to wait. For us we were told to wait. We were reminded in scripture time and time again that God will fight our battle for us and that our job is to simply stand and wait. We also prayed (for our enemy) for the girls bio mom and in the process my heart softened to her. I wanted her to do well. I was sad when she struggled.
A few weeks ago, after 2 1/2 years, their first mom freely signed away her rights. God gave justice to the girls and rewarded us for our patience. And all our friends and family rejoiced (rightly so). Yet Jim and I were sad. Don't get me wrong we were thrilled to end this chapter of the process and to give the gift of stability to the girls. Please don't miss that!!! But we were in the room, we saw a broken mother receiving justice and it was heart breaking. This is not how God intended. No child should be without their parents...there will be no termination hearings in heaven! My heart aches for Heaven...I don't want to watch a mom self destruct and then give away her children.
It took me days to process it all. I'm sure my friends were wondering why I wasn't singing from the rooftops! After a while I came to the place where I didn't focus on the ending of her parental rights at all, instead I focused on the goodness of God. His faithfulness to protect the children, to reveal her heart, to lead her to a peaceful ending. I could've run around celebrating the ending of her rights but that wasn't what was to be celebrated! The part to celebrate is God!

So to tie it together. I believe, this is a different season for America, a time to fight. And while I am so totally NOT a fighter I am so thankful for those that are who protect us everyday! But when I watched the newsfeed on my fb pop up with rejoicing over a man murdered, it just didn't feel right. I think everyone certainly has reason to rejoice! And I am thankful for our military, that God used, to bring him to justice. But instead it seems our focus should be on the justice of a good God and hopefully a future of peace. And thankfulness for military equipped to protect us. Again the star of the show is God! When anyone or anything else gets the glory it falls flat...

(OK so here is my time to confess...I am a total Jesus freak...I love Him and serve Him. I realize that not everyone shares my views and I am totally OK with that. I also realize that while I agree with most Christians in their theology, I tend to march to a different beat then my evangelical friends with other topics. This means that I am sure to offend everyone at some time or another. I don't mean to...if you start to get fired up reading anything on here just push that pretty red X at the top of your screen...I won't be hurt at all)


Kristin said...

Well written!

Just stumbled on your blog from another blog but just had to comment on this post!

You have a beautiful family! :)

Beth said...

Thank you:)