Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tour our house

Get ready for an obnoxious amount of photos!!! One of the questions I get asked is "Do you have a really big house?" That is a very relative question. It's bigger than I ever thought I'd own and it suits our needs. I LOVE our house!!! We bought it 9 years ago when we just got married and moved to ATL. Just me and Jim in 2,500 sq/ft, 5 bedroom, 3 full baths (it's like God knew something we didn't, hmm)... We moved all our trashy college wicker furniture in it and used maybe 3 rooms! Now we use every square inch! So if you are feeling a little squished in your house hopefully this will give you some ideas of how you can squeeze some extra room out.

This is only the bottom floor, I'll try to take pictures of the top floor next week. Now I love pretty rooms but when your family doubles from 3 kids to 6 in one year you tend to get over yourself and your pretty rooms:) I am just now getting my feet under me enough to try to pretty it up.

So ya'll come on in...

2 story foyer
aka the laundry shoot

the playroom
this is pretty much all the toys we have in the entire house, you will see the rest in a min

craft room/school room
this is the first place the kids go in the morning after their chores, they spend most of their time here coloring (they do not get this from me!)

Emma's art work that was on the table

living room

breakfast room
this room is getting tight! We fill it up now, Jim bought us some time when he found those little chairs for Audg and Luke

my pantry
I love an organized pantry! Usually the house will be a wreck but my pantry and closets will be well organized. You gotta control what you can and let the rest go!


laundry room
I would love for this room to be about 3 times this size

Grandma's room (spare)/ overflow school stuff/time out room/the rage room/laundry room

I love it!

more kitchen

garage/pantry/extra kitchen supplies/toy storage/major bike storage/ no car lives here

toy storage
I was overwhelmed with toys and one day at church saw their resource room and thought we could totally do that! Pull a box in the morning and when they clean that up they can have a different one. Wish I would've done this a LONG time ago!

freezer/ fridge

shoe storage
It wasn't long after having so many kids I saw that the shoes were taking over our house! This was our solution. Church shoes are kept in their closets.

Thanks for coming by. "bye bye now, bye bye, bye bye now" (can you name that movie?)


Doresa said...

I love the toy storage! Such a great idea! The kids have wood cabinets in their rooms with large canvass bags - we could totally do this. I love it!
Will post pictures of our school room on my blog soon and let you know when they are up!

Beth said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I can't wait to see your pictures.