Monday, May 30, 2011

off to a rough start (disney)

6:00 when we wanted to leave
7:15 when we actually left
8:00 about the time Jim and I were complimenting each other on how well we packed

8:15 rookie mistake...ate at a restaurant attached to a gas station. YUCK!!! changed diapers, potty breaks
9:00 back on the road
9:15 realized we forgot to pack the stroller

12:30-1:45 lunch. Much better!!! potty break, diaper change, drink refill, gas fill up

3:15 stop at target to buy first of 2 strollers and for another potty break!
4:10 stop at babies r us to buy second stroller (should've made another potty break!)
5:55 kids realized they were at Disney (lots of screams and excitement!)
6:00 pulled into seratoga springs resort, found out Luke had been sitting in pee
6:02 Luke got out of van and peed on a bush

The rest is a blurr...
but here is my first impression of where we are staying. It is beautiful! The rooms are very nice and spacious. We are about 30 min (bus ride) from all the parks. We are far from the main pool, so far that we have to get a golf cart to come get us.

Great Grandma's room

kitchen/ living room
we are sleeping on the pull out here

kids room
all 6 are in here!

So we unpacked and went to eat where I got extremely frustrated trying to understand the dining plan! Then a child that will go unnamed (rhymes with tianna) did not listen, so Seth and that unnamed child came back to hotel while other kids and Grandparents went to pool. Next there was an episode with Emma going down a slide into deep water that involved jumping in the pool and a lifeguard (she is fine, the rest of us are not!) At the same time another unnamed child (rhymes with puke) pooped in his pants!

It is now 11:00, I am blogging and Jim is putting together 2 strollers for tomorrow. Pray tomorrow is better!

Tomorrow our plan is the Magic Kingdom. We are planning on getting there early and going straight to fantasy land (while Jim fast passes buzz lightyear). Then we will work around the park and leave after lunch for naps. After that we may head back for fireworks and parades.

Did I mention none of our girls like fireworks? Also G has some sensory issues, most of which have resolved but I'm sure the 4-D movies tomorrow will put it to the test!!! And both A & G are terrified of anything dressed up, like umm Mickey or Buzz or Pooh...

Waiting for the magic,

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