Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Thirsty, Mr Water, Paige and Jennifer, OH MY!!

Today I took the super 6 to the dentist. (Great for the prayer life!)

When Caleb was old enough to go to the dentist I chose a pediatric dentist nearby. I used to work at a ped hospital and assumed that ped dentist was better equipped to handle little ones than our regular dentist. If the girls hadn't come into our lives we would probably still be happily going there. But, I disagree with their philosophy. Mainly the, never ever letting a parent go back with a child regardless of the situation, philosophy. So when G spent the 8 months following her trip to our ped dentist praying that she would not cry at the dentist again I felt it was time for a change!

Fortunately I have two good friends that work at an office nearby and they said I could bring the kids there and they would work with G at her pace. Music to my ears. That was 6 months ago.

Let me tell you something about G. When she gets scared, she gets mad. Not just mad but furious! (The first time she saw the ocean she was so overwhelmed and scared by it's size, she turned around and slugged me and ran away!) Sterile equipment scares the daylights out of both the girls. But 6 months ago with a lot of patience from Jennifer, and me holding G on my lap she let them clean her teeth! So today I wasn't sure what we were going to get.

The great thing about our new dentist office is that the kids can go watch the other kids getting their teeth cleaned. So Caleb and Emma went first and all the other kids watched. Paige showed them how Mr. Thirsty and Mr Water worked and how loud they were. She even let Luke and Audrey hop up in the chair (they were scared but really wanted a treasure). By the time it was G's turn, she jumped right up in the chair and fully cooperated with Jennifer! I wasn't even in the room! This is a BIG, FAT DEAL!!!! This proves in my mind that she is healing. What an encouragement for me!

In 6 months all 5 big kids will get their teeth cleaned. Audrey and Luke are excited about it. But I know this is only because they have seen their big brother and sister do it. And because of the amazing and patient staff! Big thanks to Dr Carter's office and Jennifer and Paige! We love you guys!!!
(I had a thought as I sat there taking pictures of them with their mouths hanging open getting their teeth cleaned..."Am I going to pay for this blog thing later? I mean when I am 99 and totally dependent on their loving care are they going to create a blog and dedicate it to me? Then take pictures of me drooling on myself and post it on the blog???" I thought of this verse: "For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you." Luke 6:38 YIKES!!!)

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The Ellis Family said...

That is an awesome office! My kids ask me every day if it is time for their appointment.