Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's a small world after all (disney day1)

I have fought with the blog (and G) for over an hour and this is the only picture it will let me load. So you guys are going to have to just listen to my day:( Bummer!

This day was so much better!!! We got to the Magic Kingdom at about 9 and went straight to fantasyland (thanks to my good friend Erika's advice) where we spent most of the day. We road dumbo first. The kids loved it but Luke's dumbo didn't work so he was upset.

Then we fastpass peter pan and mickey's magic show and went and rode It's a Small World (I say that like it took 5 min, it actually took like 30!). Then we ate a snack and did potty breaks and went to see mickey's magic show which scared the heck out of Audrey and Luke but Caleb loved it! G did really well with it too. Then we did peter pan, Luke screamed the entire time (scared to death). Then we rode Cinderella's carousel (I really wish I could upload a picture!) Then we did the tea cups, Luke chickened out right before the ride...he said the mouse in the tea pot scared him. Then he tried to freak out when the ride was over saying he wanted to ride, typical 3 year old!

Next we went and ate at cosmic ray's. And Grandma Lucy nearly passed out because she had taken excellent care of all of us but not such great care of herself! They had to call the medics and they took her to a small air conditioned room to recover. While the medics were checking out mom I ran into Angela Chapman, proving that it is in fact a small world after all!

After all of that we went to do the Buzz lightyear ride, a huge hit with all the kids...except Luke who freaked out nearly the entire ride then begged to do it again. We ran into Lilo or Stitch (not sure which one) and caleb, emma and G took a pic with him, or is it a her. Anyway G even gave it a hug! I was super proud of her, she did awesome!!! Until she didn't but that's another post.

We were headed out of the park at 3:00 and got front row view of the parade. Which Luke, praise the Lord, slept right through.

Now it is 11:56, G is sleeping (maybe) on the floor because she kicked her brother out of the bed while he was in a dead sleep. I am fighting with this computer and Jim, Emma and Caleb are still at magic kingdom riding rides!

Tomorrow we will sleep in a little and then head over to the animal kingdom. Then Jim and I are going to the yacht club for a seafood buffet dinner for our anniversary.

I. can't. wait.

finally feeling the love,

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