Monday, May 16, 2011

I whip my hair back and forth...

OK, so lets talk hair! It might be the number 2 question I get after, "Are they all yours?" "How do you know how to do the girls hair?" The baby!!! Seriously, I don't know. I am the last person to be managing hair like this. I am totally low maintenance when it comes to hair. I think God is getting a good laugh at my expense. So here is the deal, I am NOT an expert! Just another Momma thrown into the tangles, curls and frizzes trying to find my way out of it all.
This is our hair bag, and boxes. yes I use all of it every day! Before the girls came to live with us Emma and I traveled with a brush, some detangler and a hair band or bow. Not any more:)

This is what comes to greet me fist thing every morning if I don't brush and braid at night. Do you guys hear me? You should ALWAYS BRUSH AND BRAID AT NIGHT!!!!

Seriously! You could lose a small child in this hair!!! AUDG?! AUDG?! Where are you????

Oh good there you are! This is after we have wet it down, put black earth protective mist bodifier in it and brushed for about 2 hours. Seriously brush and braid ya'll!

And this is with it all done up. You know where we are in our bath schedule by how their hair is. If it is all up, they just bathed the night before, if it is part up they had a bath 2 nights ago, if it is all down, it is bath night that night. Yes that is some times 3 days...don't judge me!

Here is Emma and G in a hair emergency! I thought the house was kid proof, until I had 5 kids! They found some Vaseline and decided to play hair stylist (this was about a year and a half ago). I googled, again, and found that corn starch helps take out Vaseline! Who knew? They looked a little like George Washington in the process but it all ended well.

So, if you are looking for real hair help, I will tell you what we do. G's hair is a lot like mine so once I got used to the curls it isn't hard to maintain. A's is a whole other story!!! It repeals water!!!! I've never seen anything like it! First, Jim and I are NOT shy about asking anyone we think will help us about their hair. This is what works right now:

Only wash every 2 weeks (not every other day like I did for a year!) but condition every time you bath them. We have used all kinds of stuff but right now we are using black earth's total body shampoo and enhancing conditioner. We have also used olive oil shampoo and conditioner you find at Walmart.
Always brush out and braid hair before bed. I know I've said it like 10 times but it is worth repeating! Braid it wet and let them sleep in it. Use satin pillow cases.
When they wake up we wet it and spray the bodifier in, style it however you want and then I put black earth curly curl cream in it. This keeps it from frizzing for at least 2 hours:)

I get stopped all the time by people giving me tips for their hair. And I LOVE it! I just met some women at the park that recommended mixed chic leave in conditioner. I plan on trying that next. I have fun with their hair. You can fro it out for some sass or put it in a pony tail and have an instant up-do that I would have paid $60 for at prom! Once I got over adding 30 min to my day for hair I learned to embrace it. And my boys are trying to help me manage my time. They recently chose this hair style for summer...

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