Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girls day out! (and my son cheated on me)

Did you know my sister's here?! Did you know I have a sister??? I have 2. Morgan just got done with her first year at VT and is here visiting for a week. You know you have a college student visiting when they can sleep with 6 kids screaming in the next room. I remember those days (sigh)!

She has been a huge help!
When she used to visit, before I had kids, I would take her to 6 flags or a water park. Now we spend a lot of time just hanging out. But Jim got off work early today so Morgan and I took out of the house running as fast as we could to the mall!

I dressed her up as a pregnant teenager and made her try on maternity clothes.

Isn't she cute?!

We ended the day getting our nails done. It was a perfect day!

And Jim held down the fort.
But let me tell you what Seth did! He waited until I wasn't looking and took his first few steps for JIM!!!
He is a total Daddy's boy! I couldn't get him to do it again for the camera but here is a video of his cheering squad.

Watch this and tell me, who wouldn't want to be the youngest of 6? The boy is a KING!

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