Monday, May 9, 2011

adoption story (part 2)

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart"
Jeremiah 1:5

Gianna was the first granddaughter in her family. She has two older brothers and an older cousin that is a boy. Apparently she was very fussed over! Her father died when her mother was pregnant with her. I've also been told by a few people that her mother went in for an abortion and found she was too far along. I don't say this to shame her birth mom or to judge her. I mention this to say how awesome God is to protect her even before birth. It gives me great comfort that none of us are big enough to mess up His plan for her life...not even me.

I know very little about Audrey. She was born 16 month after G. I know nothing of her father. I know that her mother had fairly stable living conditions when Gianna was born but that was not the case when Audrey was born. The rest is hearsay. It seems the 3 of them bounced from friend to friend every few days or weeks. It's questionable if they always had a place to stay or enough food to eat.

Their first mother made some bad decisions that they, without a doubt, were exposed to. In October of 08 she was arrested. The details are really shady here. I'm not sure if the girls were with a friend at the time or with her. I would guess by Gianna's absolute terror over seeing a policeman that it is very possible they were with her. Gianna was 22 months old and Audrey was 7 months. Someone got in contact with the girls Grandmother who came and got the girls. Their Grandmother and Aunt kept them the first few nights and prayed over what to do. Grandmother is raising their brothers and just knew that their family was unable to care for the girls long term. Can you imagine the heartbreak??? She contacted a good friend of hers who happened to work at our church, and asked for help. She did not want them going to foster care but didn't know anyone who could care for them.

Meanwhile, her friend knew of a couple who's heart was for adoption and would be willing to help for the weekend or for long term...whatever the need was. This couple also worked at our church, they had 3 girls. One was grown and married, the other was grown but living at home and the other was a teenager. Lets just say there was no shortage of attention and they were very well cared for!!! This couple is now Grammie and Granddaddy.

The girls didn't come with a lot. From what Grammie and Granddaddy say G had lots and lots of night time issues, screaming, night terrors, etc. When she ate she would gorge herself like she hadn't eaten in a week. Audg had a very flat head and very low muscle tone. She had only been getting half strength formula. Well it didn't take Grammie and Granddaddy long to fall in love! They spoke to the girls Grandmother and together everyone agreed that the girls would stay with Grammie and Granddaddy (confused yet?) and biological Grandmother would be able to keep up with how they were doing. Now all they had to do was present it to the judge, get bio mom to sign and agree to it, come up with the money for home visits and blood tests, and did I mention they didn't have a case worker or a lawyer???

(writing this part of their story totally stresses me out! I wasn't there, I only know what I've been told, what if I got it all wrong? Please note this is me trying to retell a story I have only heard in pieces and at a time when I was more than a little stressed...that's my disclaimer:)

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